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From the creator and actors of THE MOUNTAIN THIEF, comes a comedy about the heart of a champion!

Hi everyone! I’m Gerry Balasta and I’m in the process of completing my second narrative feature, a hilarious film called THE SOLAR CHAMPION! My first film  The Mountain Thief continues to have a successful run as it continues to grow as more than a motion a picture. TRAILER HERE–:THE SOLAR CHAMPION TRAILER.

  • Acted by scavengers from a dumpsite community, children from the film got medical help,and a special needs child and the main actor, is now going to school. Through the film and its supporters, more children from the landfill will go to school this June 2012 on scholarships. I am proud to say that after working on it for more than five years, the film has become an agent of philanthropy as more change will happen.
  • THE SOLAR CHAMPION is the continuation of our work and this time in a narrative comedy form.  Acted by the talented actors of The Mountain Thief, this film is truly inspiring, funny and entertaining. It is truly a continuation of the changes that we have started.
  • We will find, highlight inventors, dreamers and  “REAL LIFE SOLAR CHAMPIONS.” Like Steve Katsaros, the American inventor of the “world’s only rechargeable SOLAR BULB”  and we would like to find the Brazilian from Sao Paolo, widely credited for the Brazilian Bottle Bulb and  many more. We want to include their inspirational stories in the film, and the other inventors, dreamers and organizations who are all responding to the challenges of renewable energy. BRAZILIAN BOTTLE BULB BELOW:
  • Similar to The Mountain Thief, we intend to use the film as a platform for change but this time in awareness in  “renewable energy” and the developments around it aside from the issue of poverty.
  • Join our efforts and adventure, help us finish this truly unique film and opportunity! PLEASE GO TO OUR KICKSTARTER PAGE TO LEAR N MORE, CLICK HERE. THANK YOU! READ THE SIDE BAR as we have prepared a lot of perks and rewards, limited edition T-shirts, DVDs, CDs and other exceptional offers! Including the NOKERO SOLAR BULB (the world’s only solar bulb) below:

I think you will very much enjoy the film and I am very proud of THE SOLAR CHAMPION , please take a moment to see the trailer above. I’m so excited to get a chance to share this film to entertain and make people laugh and continue to make positive changes! Looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best,

Gerry Balasta, Writer-Director


The CHAMPION FAMILY from HAPPYness VILLAGE, Manila tries to get the word out on Daddy Champion’s (father) inventions. Most are ridiculous but one is a SOLAR BULB that will change their fate.

Their father, a 70 year old dreamer and a hopeless romantic who dreams of things that are impossible encourages his kids to follow their dreams and one project that they have is to find the “next” Manny Pacquiao, a prized fighter who just earned $25 million dollars from his last fight. The search begins as they navigate their way in life.

In the end they all find inspiration from their father and the least likely place they expected it, and that they didn’t know it existed—from the prizefighter within themselves. The film ends in a documentary, where we discover and track the real lives of the actors of the film—They are the cast of THE MOUNTAIN THIEF from a landfill community. We will also feature inventors, dreamers and real life SOLAR CHAMPIONS!

CONTACT: inspirechange2@yahoo.com


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